Beginning Illustration

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm
Children's Activity Room

Do you love drawing and telling stories? Have you ever wondered what a career as an illustrator is like? In this 6 week program, we’ll be learning all about the different jobs of an illustrator and make some amazing art along the way! From story-boarding to book illustration, you will get hands-on experience learning different types of visual storytelling and illustration forms. Kids ages 8-14

Week 1 Story-boarding: We will learn the basics of story-boarding for animation and graphic novels and discuss plot & storytelling.
Week 2 Character Design: Design a character and sidekick based on their setting, personality, and plot.
Week 3 Background Design: Learn to create a background that fits the atmosphere and lore of a story.
Week 4 Picture Book Illustration: Learn to illustrate a story by balancing text and image.
Week 5 Freelance (Free Choice): Visual storytelling illustration of choice: Comic strip, character design, book illustration, storyboard
Week 6 Portfolio Design: In the final week, we will bind our finished work into a portfolio and decorate the covers.