Pawsperity Volunteer Management Coordinator AmeriCorps VISTA

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08/26/2021 - 2:00pm
Job Summary and Important Information: 

The Grooming Project empowers parents with a trade, enabling them to transition off welfare through a living wage. Studies show that lessening the stress created by financial hardship increases the likelihood that their children will achieve success. To do this, we teach our students a marketable and transferable skill set that allows them to earn a living wage and provides the flexibility required to care for their children. Our pilot program teaches animal grooming. According to our research, animal grooming is in high demand in the Kansas City area and the nearest grooming school is 3 hours away. 

It is a profession in which individuals with criminal records can find employment. Upon completion of the grooming program, the parent will be able to work in one of the area’s 150 pet salons or even start their own animal grooming business.  We will work with students to set goals and help them reach those goals. The Grooming Project primes the stage for success by helping participants secure a job and reliable transportation. 

The program consists of 644 hours over the course of 23 weeks.  Students will learn proper bathing, brushing, pet clippering, styling, and handling techniques, as well as safety, professionalism, and teamwork. The American Kennel Club guidelines are followed along with the latest industry trends and standards. The Grooming Project offers a hands-on approach to grooming. Approximately 90% of students’ time is spent as hands on training. 

Because students learn in different ways, The Grooming Project is taught and presented in a manner and time frame based on the Cohort model.  This group of students supports each other, builds mutual accountability, and fosters professionalism, safety, and confidence for each other. Areas that are vital to the success of each student completing the program are: 

  • Attendance 
  • Active participation 
  • Positive attitudes for learning 
  • Comprehension 
  • Communication 


At completion of the program, and after passing written exams and performing satisfactory grooming skills as determined by The Grooming Project, the student will be recognized as a Professional Animal Groomer by the Missouri Department of Higher Education and be issued a Certificate of Completion. 

What You’d Do: 

The Volunteer Management Coordinator will build the capacity to increase community education in order to increase referrals and recruitment of volunteers into the program.   This position would be responsible for building the capacity to engage volunteers, as well as the following activities: 1) Assist in the research of new volunteer program, involving volunteer trainings and tours. 2) Focus on businesses within a 25 miles radius, that are smaller, locally invested businesses. 3) Help to keep The Grooming Project website up to date with volunteer needs. 4) Work with our local partners regarding volunteer needs in the community. 5) Assist in the creation of volunteer committees for events like move in and outs, back to school, graduation, Thanksgiving dinner, etc. 6) Work with Volunteer Coordinator to create plan to recruit more volunteers. 7) Build spreadsheets to track progress of the program. 8)Work on success stories of the students in the program to help to market the program. 9) Update Bloomerang ( The customer relationship management system) with all volunteer information. 10) Assist with content for Volunteer Newsletter.

For All Openings: 
All persons hired for the Kansas City Public Library must pass a background check for criminal records. You must be at least 16 years old and have completed the 9th grade to work at any of our libraries. Unless otherwise specified, we require a completed application, even for positions requesting a resume and/or questionnaire. The Kansas City Public Library is an equal opportunity employer committed to cultural diversity.