Telling Your Story: A Crash Course on Creative Nonfiction

Writing Classes
Wednesday, May 31, 2023 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
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Online Event

Each person’s life events hold all the elements of captivating tales. Learn the tools to take those anecdotes from yawns to fascinating yarns through workshop sessions, interactive lessons, and thoughtful prompts.

Brush up on writing fundamentals with bite-sized exercises and reflections that build to a larger self-defined nonfiction writing project. Study concise writing, audience awareness, forming a repeatable writing process, and the art of deft editing. Along the way, take a look at some early and modern masters of storytelling and work to incorporate the potent mechanisms of fiction and myth into true narratives.

  • May 10 - Group introductions followed by a discussion on what makes writing “good,” an introduction to basic rhetoric, the elements of storytelling, and a writing exercise. Set a personal goal for the course and begin drafting.   
  • May 17 - Review and reflect on early drafts before a class discussion on the writing process, mechanics, and organization. Look at models in the genre and set an outline and timetable to complete individual goals. 
  • May 24 - Go over second drafts before diving into the details of nonfiction writing and narrative. Explore scope, character, and conflict, and examine work by masters of storytelling. Further individual course goals by completing a writing exercise.
  • May 31 - Workshop current drafts and discuss how to finalize a project.