Finding Employment for Special Populations

Finding a job is challenging enough, but when you have extenuating circumstances it can be even more difficult. Get some peace of mind and advice for navigating the complexities of employment for re-entrants, veterans, individuals with disabilities, career changers, and those affected by a recent job layoff.

While you're on the job hunt, take some time and learn a new skill to add to your resume. Library self-directed learning resources such as, Pronunciator, and Universal Class are all available to you free-of-charge with a KCPL library card and PIN. No card? No worries! Sign up for an eCard


  • Missouri Reentry: This website, sponsored in part by the Missouri Dept. of Corrections, is aimed at finding services such as housing, education, job training, medical/healthcare, and more for ex-offenders.
  • Career OneStop: Information, tips, and resources to help people with criminal convictions overcome barriers they might face in their job search. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • Get a free copy of your background report at this site and make sure it's accurate before you start applying for jobs. It's your right to know!


  • Learning Express Library: Search "Best Careers for Veterans" to find a downloadable e-book that will help "discover the best jobs for you given your military experience, rework your resume, network with other vets, and much more." Log-in with library card and PIN to access.
  • Career OneStop: Information, tips, and resources to help veterans find gainful employment with skills acquired through their military careers. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • Hire Veterans
  • Check out these library books and other website resources for more information on this topic.


  • The AAPD Career Center is a premier source for people with disabilities to search for and land professional careers with leading employers. The AAPD Career Center attracts leading companies and universities to find qualified and diverse candidates. The new AAPD Career Center makes it easier than ever to find the right opportunities for you - get started today by uploading your resume and browsing recent listings.
  • AbilityLinks: Post your resume and search for jobs with reputable employers who will look beyond disabilities to abilities.
  • Getting Hired: "Dedicated to helping inclusive employers hire professional individuals and veterans with disabilities."
  • Career OneStop: Information, tips, and resources to help people with disabilities overcome barriers they experience in job searching. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation: For Missouri residents. "If you want to work but have a disability that keeps you from finding, keeping or advancing in a job, Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) may be able to help you. VR specializes in employment and training services that can assist you in becoming employed."
  • Vocational Rehabilitation: For Kansas residents. "Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) services are the cornerstone of our efforts to empower Kansans with disabilities to become gainfully employed and self-sufficient."
  • SHiFT: Connects you with businesses who can accommodate your workplace capabilities and preferences. Administered by the Greater Kansas City Business Leadership Network (GKCBLN).


  • Learning Express Library: Search for the "Career Changer's Manual" downloadable e-book that "details each step of the career-change process, with profiles of successful career moves, details about hiring industries, and more." Accessible with library card and PIN.
  • Career OneStop: Advice on how to best present yourself to employers if you're switching careers and/or industries.
  • Check out library books on how to go from career changing "How?" to "Wow!" Or maybe you want to find a career that fires you up? This book list of recommendations might be the spark you need to inspire change.


  • Career OneStop: One-stop shopping for all the information and help you'll need to navigate the issues surrounding a layoff. Get help with unemployment benefits, find job hunting tips, and explore your options for gaining new skills and exploring new career paths.
  • Missouri Unemployment benefits: MO Department of Labor. Register for unemployment benefits if your previous job was in Missouri.
  • Kansas Unemployment benefits: KS Department of Labor. Register for unemployment benefits if your previous job was in Kansas.
  • Layoffs can affect you emotionally, physically and of course, financially. Browse some of these resources to help you get your head back in the employment game.

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