Teen Review: A World Without Princes

A World Without Princes, by Soman Chainani

Teen Reviewer: Iris Borne

A World Without Princes centers once again on Sophie and Agatha, who are finally home. Having escaped the school master, they can now live in peace…or so they thought.

When Agatha accidentally makes a wish for a different ending, the barrier between the fairy tale world and theirs shatters and Sophie finds herself hunted by strange men in red hoods. Sophie and Agatha barely manage to escape the red hooded assassins and find themselves at the School for Good which has been transformed into something else. When Agatha had kissed Sophie back to life in Book One, she unknowingly started a chain of events that led to all the castles and women kicking the men out.

Not knowing who is friend or foe, Sophie and Agatha have to remain a step ahead or risk being torn apart. The two girls seem inseparable until a betrayal sets the two at odds. Who will win? Good or Evil? A World Without Princes will surprise you at every turn and do things that you will never see coming. So be prepared for a wild ride!