Teen Review: The Space Between

The Space Between, by Brenna Yovanoff

Teen Reviewer: Keely McLouth

Darkly beautiful and twisted, The Space Between is a mysterious story unlike any book I've ever read. With many twists and turns, Brenna Yovanoff's writing continues to surprise me. This book touched my heart with many waves of emotions as Daphne and Truman take on a dangerous adventure to save Daphne's brother from the most threatening duo on Earth.

This beautiful tale balances on the border of good and evil, giving a new perspective on what is right and wrong. Questions swarmed throughout the novel, which offers an understanding of how fragile humanity is. Will Daphne complete her quest or will a greater loss drive her closer to humanity? Will Daphne finally accept what she has been pushing away her whole life all because of Truman's tragic story? As this beautiful demon from Pandemonium teams up with handsome seventeen year old Truman, will Daphne be able to fight the temptation gnawing at her heart and how far will she go to protect him?

The Space Between left me in awe with the feeling of escape and will most definitely spark an amazing reaction in all of those who dare to jump into this spiral of love, hope, and danger.