Teen Review: Great

Great, by Sara Benincasa

Teen Reviewer: Keely McLouth

What would your life be like if your mother was famous? Most of us think Life would be amazing!, but that is not the answer for Naomi Rye. Not only are her parents divorced, Naomi has to spend a whole summer with her uptight, famous mother. In this intruiging story, Naomi is prepared for her usual summer of famous people and fake friends.

When Naomi's model friend Delilah catches the eye of a famous blogger, she'll get caught in a web of secrets and lies. Not to mention her sort-of boyfriend only seems to care about one thing. As Naomi finally starts to live on the "fabulous side of life", will she start to become someone she's not? Will she get so caught up in the drama that she forgets about her real life in favor of the "reality show" kind of life she's experiencing?

In this unique tale, Naomi learns who she really is. I think the beauty of it is that it shows all the sides everybody really has. But there's still one question buzzing throughout the book: Can she keep a secret?