Teen Review: Changeling

Changeling, Order of Darkness series, by Philippa Gregory

Teen Reviewer: Zeke Pedrino

I think that Changeling: The Order of Darkness Book One is a fantastic book. I think this book is fantastic because it is fast paced and has action, which I am fond of. It also has a lot of religious based ways, most are catholic, which is surprising and allows me to learn about other religions.

The book’s main characters are two headstrong kids, one an inquirer of great skill. His name is Luca Vero and he is only seventeen. The other is an exiled lady, Isolde, who is convicted of a murder she didn't do and so she runs away. And it was Luca who convicted her. Then he finds out that she wasn't the criminal. Instead it was someone he fancied. Shortly after this, he runs into Isolde and they journey off to truth, wherever it lies.