Teen Review: Awaken

Awaken, by Katie Kacvinsky

Teen Reviewer: Keely McLouth

Imagine a world full of technology, but not like what we have now. Imagine something more, a lot more, different. Where people can't remember what it's like to have human contact with people other than their families. Yes, they are in each other's presence, but they aren't connecting.

That is the world Maddie lives in, a world full of chat rooms and fake walks on the beach. When she meets Justin, who is striving to bring back the real world, will she snap out of her faze or will the pressure of her father and her past hold her back? As Maddie learns from Justin and his friends, how long will it take for them to convince everybody that technology is taking away the qualities that make them human? How far will they go to protect each other from the people trying to destroy their plan?

This tale made me clench my teeth in suspense as I felt sucked into the adventure. This magnificent tale gives us something that we can all relate to and warns readers about what our world is becoming. As Maddie tries to figure out who she can trust and how she can fix everything, we have to ask ourselves, Would we actually try to bring reality back?