Teen Book Review;

The Gathering, by Michael Carroll; Reviewed by Anne Hentzen

This book is about a group of young superheroes. Colin-the son of Titan, a flying superhero, and Energy, a superhero who can control energy- are dealing with identity issues. Danny is the son of Quantum, who predicted that he would lead a war against humans. Danny saw the prophecy as well, and is frightened by the vividness of the vision, including the mechanical arm. Renata, aka Diamond, is a superhuman who has been frozen for 10 years, has just woken up and has lost ten years without aging.

When the public learns of their true identities, the three heroes move to Sakkara, a government ran housing and training facility, where they meet other superhumans. When a supervillan with a grudge attacks people, the new superheroes are thrown into a situation to big to handle. The public believes that the superheroes are the bad guys, as the supervillan disguises himself as one of them. When information leaks of the location of the new superheroes, there is evidence of a traitor in their midst. Who is the traitor, and how are they connected to the mysterious Trutopian society? Will Danny's powers return in time to save the day?

Anne won first place in the Sept'09 Book Review contest at Plaza