Teen Review: Save the Enemy

Save the Enemy, by Arin Greenwood

Teen Reviewer: Iris Borne

Zoey Trask’s life is a mess. A year ago her mother was killed and her father still isn’t out of mourning and gets more depressed with each day. Her brother has to be monitored constantly and the burden is left to her. She feels like it is impossible to put her life back together until a boy named Pete takes a sudden interest in her.

Excited to have made a new friend, life is finally starting to look up. When her father disappears without a trace, she is thrown into a world where she is faced with decisions that she should never have to make, and she learns a dark and startling secret about her family that she never could have guessed.

In a world where she doesn’t know who to trust, Zoey has to learn how to survive and to live with the truth that she uncovers about her family. In this stunning thriller where there are twists and turns that you never would have expected you better prepare for the ride.