Game On: Introducing Winter Reading Book Bingo

It’s winter.
The weather is cold, the skies are often grey, and there are days when we forget we even own shorts and flip-flops.
So naturally, it’s the perfect time of year to stay indoors and catch up on your reading.
The Library’s yearly Adult Winter Reading Program is usually underway in January; however for 2017, Winter Reading is making a seasonal sojourn to warmer months. Later this year we’re combining our Adult Reading Program with our youth-focused Summer Reading Program for one great reading challenge for all ages. This is an exciting change, and we think you’ll love what we have in store.
Because the Library knows that our patrons look forward to participating in Winter Reading, we still wanted to offer a fun, bookish activity to get our passionate readers through the cold winter months. Introducing...

 How it works:

1. Read any five books between January 27 and March 31, 2017. You can match the categories on the Book Bingo card, but we'll accept ANY five books. 

2. List the five books you've read using this online bingo form (or download a print version). Submit your completed bingo form, print your confirmation, and turn it in at any Kansas City Public Library location. A completed Book Bingo form earns you a FREE BOOK! 

Check out the full instructions here or jump right in and play.

The Bingo game is afoot!

Library staff take their list-building seriously. [Photo: BBC]
We’ve set up Book Bingo as a sort of game that gives you a chance to check out the Library’s new catalog and a few of its cool user features. Our team of librarians devoted hours of time developing a number of great book suggestion lists that match the bingo categories to give you some titles for inspiration.

Just click on any of the category tiles on the bingo card to explore more sample lists. Or check out more fun reading lists here. Here's a sample Winter Reading list for the category "Offbeat Offspring: Child of Someone Famous:"


Personally picked page-turners.
You have a lot of options when it comes to discovering new reads. Friends, family, well-read celebrities, and more. But the Readers Services folks at KC Library are here to connect you with stuff we think you’ll like based not on dark magic complicated algorithms, but rather what you tell us your tastes are.
There are several ways we can book you up:
Personalized Reading Profile. Fill out a form about your reading likes/dislikes. Our librarians will put together a customized list, just for you, and send it your way.

Follow our expert librarians in the Library's catalog for their bingo category reading suggestions. Library staff have “_KCMO” in their usernames -- for some cool picks tag along with ReadersServices_KCMO or Director of Readers Services Kaite Stover (KaiteS_KCMO)! 

NoveList. Check out hundreds of book lists and recommendations from librarians, publishers, and booksellers. This service has a nifty Appeal Mixer to choose specific terms for your book recommendation. Gritty and Fast-Paced? Sassy and Lyrical? It's all there. 

Visit your favorite Library location and get in-person ideas from our librarians. Seriously, we love talking about books. Just ask us. 

 B-I-N-Go and play!
Get your game face on. Play along on social media and share your stuff by using the hashtag #bookbingo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But above all, keep your brain warm this winter by reading some great books. 
Now go play!

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