OverDrive Offers Digital Editions of Latest Magazines

Digital Magazines
Our virtual magazine rack just got a lot bigger.

We’ve added magazines to OverDrive, our leading eBooks and digital audiobooks resource, so you now can access and manage more of your reading favorites in one place. The magazines’ digital editions are identical to their physical counterparts, with original articles accompanying photographs, graphics, and advertisements. You can check out all these top titles for up to 21 days, as many times as you’d like. Issues of available magazines remain in the collection for future borrowing, and they don’t count against your OverDrive borrowing limit. So keep piling on your digital to-read stack.

“The Library is constantly evaluating the services we offer patrons, striving to give them the things they want to read or listen to,” said David LaCrone, digital branch manager. “Now that we’ve added 75 digital magazine titles to our collections, there are even more excellent options available to readers.”

The new offerings include publications covering a range of interests:
OverDrive magazines can be read online in your web browser or on your mobile device using the Libby app.  

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Using OverDrive’s Libby app

Digital magazines are accessed through the OverDrive service. If you’re not yet an OverDrive user, now’s a great time to try it out.  OverDrive’s mobile app, called Libby, provides users with convenient and easy-to use browsing, reading, or listening experiences. Through Libby, you can enjoy access to the magazines as well as eBooks and digital audiobooks. Among Libby’s features:
  • Enjoy content on your phone or tablet; plus you can send books to your Kindle.
  • Stream content or download materials for offline reading.
  • All your loans and holds are combined in one handy shelf.
  • Libby syncs your bookmarks, notes, or positions across multiple devices.
  • Have cards at multiple libraries? You can sign in to multiple library systems and keep your card info in the app for easy switching between different catalogs.

Libby is available for phones or tablets via the App Store, Google Play, or Microsoft.

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