Spinning Tales

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I was in the garden the other day (plucking peppers) and saw many wonderful bugs. Big black and yellow spiders strung webs among the tomato plants. The webs trapped insects as strong as grasshoppers and as small as flies.

Roly-poly bugs tracked across the dirt. They seemed to like devouring vegetables that fell to the ground. In the tall sunflowers, butterflies and moths flew: white ones, blue ones, monarchs, and little fuzzy ones with wings like autumn leaves.

What bugs have you seen this summer? Ask a Librarian to help you find great books or movies on spiders, grasshoppers, bees, butterflies, moths, ladybugs, praying mantises, or your favorite insect.

Yours with snorts,

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Did you know that when a spider's web is damaged, a spider will often eat the remaining silk before making a new one? Young children will make many amazing discoveries about spiders in this captivating account.
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Grasshopper wanted to go on a journey. "I will find a road," he said. "I will follow that road wherever it goes." Grasshopper's road goes past ...A housefly who wants to "sweep until the whole world is clean, clean, clean!"Butterflies who always do the same thing every day.

A mosquito who follows the rules, even when they don't make sense. Dragonflies who zip and zoom in the air. They all wonder why Grasshopper is not like them. But Grasshopper is happy to be walking slowly down the road. In Grasshopper, Arnold Lobel has created another character that beginning readers will love and understand.

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These picture books illustrate the life cycles of fascinating animals and take readers through each stage that occurs from birth to adulthood. Lush, accurate illustrations of habitat feature plant life and other animals on die-cut pages that get longer as the subject grows!The interesting page sizes and full-page illustrations will appeal to young naturalist.

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Mary Ellen's tired of reading--she'd rather run and play. To Grampa that means it's time to find a bee tree! What follows is a merry romp through 19th-century America as only the acclaimed author of Thundercake can describe it. Full color.

book cover, Mercy Watson
Impressed by the proud caterpillar's boast that she will turn into a butterfly when she grows up, a polliwog determines to watch the caterpillar very carefully and turn into a butterfly too.