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Picture books without words...and amazing stories told to your eyes.


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The Surprise
By Van Ommen, Sylvia

Where is Sheep going on her scooter? Why, she's going to the store to get bright red dye for her wool. She'll shear it off, take it to the French poodle spinster for spinning into yarn, and finally knit a sweater as special suprise for friend Giraffe.


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The Arrival
By Tan, Shaun
Illustrator Tan, Shaun

BookPage Notable Title
2008 Boston Globe-Horn Book Award Winner
2008 Great Graphic Novel

In this wordless graphic novel, Tan captures the struggles and joy of the immigrant experience through clear, mesmerizing images which tell the story of a man who leaves his homeland and his family to build a better life.

A whole new world

Review by Becky Ohlsen

The antiqued look of the first few pages of Shaun Tan's The Arrival makes it clear you're in for something extraordinary. Following the wordless squares of sketched narrative is like watching a jittery old scrap of film dug up from the bottom of an archive; in appearance and feel, it calls to mind Chris Marker's lovely 1962 short film La Jetée. The plot is a classic—a man sets out to make his way in the big city, where he'll bring his family later—but this time it's infused with magic. The city is guarded by mammoth winged statues and covered in incomprehensible hieroglyphs; cute little alien creatures hide in unlikely corners. The lack of text or dialogue emphasizes the man's sense of alienation, but gradually he makes connections with other refugees and the frighteningly strange world becomes familiar.

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An Ocean World
By Sis, Peter
Illustrator Sis, Peter

Publisher Comments

A whale grows up in an aquarium, never knowing any other whales. Now that she's too big for her tank, she is going to be returned to the sea. In all the great vastness of the ocean, will she be able to find a friend?

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Jack and the Night Visitors
By Schories, Pat

When a spaceship with robot-like visitors lands on Jack's roof, he's in for a memorable night.


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Pancakes for Breakfast
By De Paola, Tomie
Illustrator dePaola, Tomie

This wordless picture book follows the trials of a little old lady who attempts to make pancakes for her breakfast. "The optimistic determination of the woman and the gentle humor of the illustrations make this an appealing book for the very young."--School Library Journal