Mardi Gras Mystery

With “Fat Tuesday” on the calendar this week, Mardi Gras and mysteries partner up in these books.

Keepsake Crimes book jacket

Two novels in Laura Childs’ Scrapbooking Mystery series fit the Mardi Gras mystery bill. Set in the French Quarter of New Orleans, these books include lots of scrapbooking tips and feature Carmela Bertrand, owner of a scrapbook shop and amateur sleuth. In Keepsake Crimes, the first in the series, someone dies during Mardi Gras and Carmela’s estranged husband is the top suspect. When he asks Carmela for help, she agrees and finds an unexpected clue.

Death Swatch, the sixth book in the Scrapbooking Mystery series by Laura Childs, also takes place during Mardi Gras. A float designer ends up dead at a party attended by Carmela and her friend Ava and the two investigate.

Author Tony Dunbar sets his colorful Tubby Dubonnet Mystery series in New Orleans, as well. In the fourth book of this series, Shelter from the Storm, the action takes place during Mardi Gras against a backdrop of torrential rain and flooded streets. Laid-back lawyer Tubby Dubonnet has lost his client and stumbled across a gang of bank robbers.

Mixing mystery with romance, Fat Tuesday by popular author Sandra Brown features a corrupt lawyer who defends the worst criminals in New Orleans, his beautiful trophy wife, and a cop intent on revenging his partner’s death. These elements mix with suspense and action.