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Friday, July 3, 2020

"The best way to be boring is to leave nothing out." --Voltaire

Welcome to the inaugural post of Off the Page, the Kansas City Public Library’s blog for readers. Like most bloggy ideas, this one has many mothers. It started first with, "Hey, we should have a blog! Other libraries have blogs. Can we have one, too?" No one’s really sure who said this first. The folks who make up the Readers’ Advisory Team were enthusiastic about the notion and looked at lots of other library’s blogs. We made a list of what we liked, what we didn’t and what we wanted to see in a blog of our very own and then we met the person who could make it happen for us. The KCPL Webgoddess. She waved her magic mouse-shaped wand, translated all her web spells into this mysterious code, and presented us with a forum in which to wax prolific on all things bookish. And get this. She has expectations. She actually insists upon timely, interesting, entertaining, edifying posts. Bwahahahahahah! No. Seriously. We’re going to do this. At least once a week, our faithful readers can expect to see reading suggestions, musings on the book news of the day, interesting facts and tidbits about authors, books, biblio-history, beloved characters and all things literary that strike our contributors’ fancy. We welcome your comments, ideas, criticism, book news, and reading recommendations. We have an entire spectrum of topics to cover, but we promise not to be boring. We’ll leave all those parts out on the advice of our guide, Voltaire. Finally, a dedication. This blog is for you, the readers. It’s one more way in which your Library hopes to connect with you. Reading is the most human of activities. No other animal on the planet can do it. And in engaging in this most human of activities, with ourselves, and with reader/patrons, we stay connected to our world even as we discover new ones between the covers. Read. Connect. Discover. Share.


Kaite Mediatore Stover is the Head of Readers' Services for Kansas City Public Library. She is a columnist for Booklist and contributing writer for NoveList. She reviews for INK, Present Magazine, and is a regular blogger for Book Group Buzz.