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Newsweek’s Eleanor Clift discussed the next big political question with Executive Director Crosby Kemper III: After the Election, What Comes Next? on November 10 at the Plaza Branch. Read some of Clift’s books or explore nonfiction about U.S. presidential campaigns and elections.

Books by Eleanor Clift | Presidential Campaigns & Elections

Books by Eleanor Clift

Two Weeks of Life book jacket

Two Weeks of Life: A Memoir of Love, Death & Politics
By Eleanor Clift
Newsweek contributing editor Clift tackles one of the most important--and divisive--issues facing the nation: how Americans deal, or fail to deal, with dying. Clift provides a very personal narrative as she alternates between the much-publicized death of Terri Schiavo and that of her own husband.

Founding Sisters and the Nineteenth Amendment
By Eleanor Clift
Beginning with the Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention of 1848, Clift introduces the movement’s leaders, discusses the marches and demonstrations, and profiles the opposition—anti-suffragettes, both men and women. The story culminates in the dramatic struggle to pass the 19th Amendment—a struggle that ultimately came down to the vote of a single legislator in Tennessee.

Madam President: Shattering the Last Glass Ceiling
By Eleanor Clift and Tom Brazaitis
Highlighting all the key players, from Elizabeth Dole to Hillary Clinton to Dianne Feinstein, two Washington pundits offer a history of women in politics that includes the prospect of a woman president in the next decade. Originally published in 2000.

War Without Bloodshed: The Art of Politics
By Eleanor Clift and Tom Brazaitis
In engaging vignettes, Eleanor Clift and Tom Brazaitis showcase the everyday activities, behind-the-scenes confrontations, and unlikely alliances of the people who influence how laws are written and which legislation will become the law of the land.

Presidential Campaigns & Elections

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the White House book jacket

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the White House: Humor, Blunders, and Other Oddities from the Presidential Campaign Trail
Edited and with an introduction by Charles Osgood
One of America's favorite news personalities offers a rib-tickling compendium of anecdotes from the last 70 years of presidential campaigns.

Notes from the Trail: Presidential Politics from the Inside Out
By Alexandra Kerry
In her account of her father's bid for the presidency, Alexandra Kerry brings us inside the bubble of the modern race for the presidency. Her words and images lend an intimacy to our often overblown politics as she sheds light on some of the contradictions, ironies, and saving graces of our electoral process and our country.

The Last Campaign: Robert F. Kennedy and 82 Days That Inspired America
By Thurston Clarke
Clarke provides an absorbing historical narrative of the action-packed 82 days of Robert Kennedy's presidential campaign as well as the heightened personal, racial, and political dramas of the time.

Inside the Presidential Debates book jacket

Inside the Presidential Debates: Their Improbable Past and Promising Future
By Newton N. Minow and Craig L. LaMay
This fascinating history offers, for the first time, a genuinely informative inside look into the origins of the presidential debates and the many battles--both legal and personal--that have determined who has been allowed to debate and under what circumstances.

Too Close to Call: The Thirty-Six Day Battle to Decide the 2000 Election
By Jeffrey Toobin
Seasoned political and legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin recounts the events of the fateful thirty-six-day post-2000 presidential election journey with authority, insight, and juicy storytelling.

No Excuses: Concessions of a Serial Campaigner
By Robert Shrum
From his unique perspective, Shrum gives listeners an epic and personal story of the struggle for power in America during the past four decades. With wit and humor, rare candor, and a wealth of detail, he vividly recounts the real personalities and real forces that shaped the outcome of the closest and most important elections of our time.

A Magnificent Catastrophe: The Tumultuous Election of 1800, America's First Presidential Campaign
By Edward J. Larson
Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Larson's book presents a masterful and revelatory account of the titanic election battle that had been so momentous to the country's future that Thomas Jefferson had called it America's second revolution.

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