E-Book Reading

Do you read books on your computer? How about an iPhone or a dedicated e-book reader like the Kindle? According to The New York Times, e-book use is on the rise.

Eclipse book jacket

If you’re an e-book reader, did you know the library subscribes to several online libraries of e-books? (You’ll need a library card to use these resources from home.) For kids’ books, take a look at One More Story or TumbleBooks. Both of these online libraries let kids listen to and read published children’s picture books.

A recent article in The New York Times highlights the perception children have of listening to and viewing e-books as something other than “reading.” What do you think? My daughter is a big fan of TumbleBooks. She may or may not consider it reading, but what matters is I do.

For adults, teens and older kids, check out the library’s subscription to the OverDrive Digital Library. Here you can browse and check out all kinds of e-books, both fiction and nonfiction, with your library card. OverDrive also includes downloadable audiobooks that can be played on a computer or portable device like an iPod.

Eclipse (Book 3 of the Twilight saga and my personal favorite in the series) by Stephenie Meyer is currently the most popular e-book in OverDrive. Check out the Top 100 for a list of other popular choices.


Angela KilleAngela Kille is the Web Content Developer at the Kansas City Public Library.