The Business of Real Estate

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Creating and Growing Real Estate Wealth: The 4 Stages to a Lifetime of Success
By William Poorvu
Drawing on his personal experience – and hundreds of interviews with many of the most successful real estate investors and entrepreneurs – Poorvu illuminates every stage of "life" in real estate: creating wealth, growing it, and managing it successfully.

The Real Estate Game: The Intelligent Guide to Decision-Making and Investment
By William Poorvu with Jeffrey L. Cruikshank
The Real Estate Game is a comprehensive guide to successful real estate investment from one of the masters in the field. Drawing upon four decades of experience developing, owning, and managing properties and on almost thirty years of teaching at the Harvard Business School, William J. Poorvu offers an insider's perspective on how to make smart decisions about real estate.

After the Fall book jacket

After the Fall: Opportunities and Strategies for Real Estate Investing in the Coming Decade
By Steve Bergsman
According to author Steve Bergsman, the next decade will produce multiple investment currents in real estate. This book will help the sharp investor find the right current and stay the course for a long, profitable ride. By separating the asset classes that will remain stable from those that will continue to lose value going forward, Bergsman offers an essential roadmap to the changing real estate market. As a result, savvy investors will be able to capitalize on opportunities created by the trillions of dollars in mortgage-backed investment vehicles that essentially became worthless for a moment in 2007.

Foreclosure Nation
By Shari Olefson
In plain language that is understandable to the average person, a real estate attorney demystifies the real estate bubble and the subprime mortgage crises that followed.

All Real Estate Is Local: What You Need to Know to Profit in Real Estate -- In A Buyer's and a Seller's Market
By David Lereah
There are countless books offering advice on making money in real estate. This one explains why knowing the ins and outs of one's local region is essential to deciding when, and where, to buy.

And Then the Roof Caved In book jacket

And Then the Roof Caved In: How Wall Street's Greed and Stupidity Brought Capitalism to Its Knees
By David Faber
Faber argues that the defining emotion of the credit crisis has been greed and its defining failure is the complicity of the U.S. government in letting that greed rule the day. Written by CNBC's David Faber, this book details what really happened with compelling characters who offer their first-hand accounts of what they did and why they did it.

The Subprime Solution: How Today's Global Financial Crisis Happened and What to Do About It
By Robert J. Shiller
The subprime mortgage crisis has already wreaked havoc on the lives of millions of people and now it threatens to derail the U.S. economy and economies around the world. In this trenchant book, best-selling economist Robert Shiller reveals the origins of this crisis and puts forward bold measures to solve it. He calls for an aggressive response – a restructuring of the institutional foundations of the financial system that will not only allow people once again to buy and sell homes with confidence, but will create the conditions for greater prosperity in America and throughout the deeply interconnected world economy.

Investing in Real Estate
By Andrew J. McLean and Gary W. Eldred
Investing in Real Estate is a straightforward guide that helps you start growing your fortune by investing in houses and small apartment buildings. Successful real estate investor Gary Eldred shows you how you can outperform the stock market by investing in residential real estate – the surest and safest way to build assets.

Real Estate Investor's Checklist: Everything You Need to Know to Find and Finance the Most Profitable Investment Properties
By Robert Irwin
This guide delivers real, nuts-and-bolts knowledge on every aspect of finding, purchasing, renovating, managing, and selling property.

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