Bonnie & Clyde

Even today, Depression-era outlaws Bonnie and Clyde have a notorious reputation. Get the real story on these two celebrity criminals.

Bonnie & Clyde | Books by Jeff Guinn

Bonnie & Clyde

The Lives and Times of Bonnie and Clyde
By E.R. Milner
Relying on primary sources (oral history interviews, personal memoirs, newspaper articles, official records, diaries, and letters), E. R. Milner cuts through myth and legend to create this startling portrait of the real Bonnie and Clyde. Although the mythology surrounding Bonnie and Clyde is charged with drama and fascination, Milner reveals the truth behind the bloody legend, carefully gleaning materials from obscure locally published accounts, previously untapped court records, and archived but unpublished oral history accounts from some sixty victims, neighbors, relatives, and police who were involved in the exploits of the infamous duo.

The Family Story of Bonnie and Clyde
By Phillip W. Steele with Marie Barrow Scoma
Dissatisfied with all previous examinations of her older brother, Marie Barrow Scoma wanted to set the record straight by utilizing previously unpublished photographs and her mother's diary, which had never been seen by anyone outside the family.

The Strange History of Bonnie and Clyde book jacket

The Strange History of Bonnie and Clyde
By John Treherne
The true story of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, the infamous Southern couple gunned down by authorities after a two-year crime spree that left 12 people dead, is presented with interviews with surviving eyewitnesses. The author also sorts through contradictory accounts of the mythic ambush that resulted in their deaths, and examines the extraordinary growth of the Bonnie and Clyde legend.

Bonnie and Clyde: A Love Story (novel)
By Bill Brooks
Their love for each other was without rhyme or reason, their attraction and bond unbreakable. They vowed the only thing that would ever separate them was a bullet. Bonnie, the beautiful petite blond poet was Clyde's equal in every respect. She was his lover and partner, and was willing to die for her man. Clyde was tough and agile, a troubled soul of a man who loved only two things: bank robbing and Bonnie Parker. Theirs is more than just a story of a fast and furious short and violent life – theirs is a story of unshakable love and devotion.

Bonnie & Clyde (1967)
Adrift in the Depression-era Southwest, Clyde Barrow (Warren Beatty) and Bonnie Parker (Faye Dunaway) embark on a life of crime. This film was nominated for nine Academy Awards.

By Jeff Guinn

 Life in the Aftermath of Fame book jacket

The Sixteenth Minute: Life in the Aftermath of Fame
By Jeff Guinn and Douglas Perry
This fascinating examination of American celebrity asks, "What happens when your 15 minutes of fame are over?"

The Autobiography of Santa Claus
By Jeff Guinn
This enchanting story of St. Nicholas is based on historical facts and laced with the magic of legend told from the perspective of Santa himself. Filled with details of Nicholas's life, the beginnings of his gift giving, the expansion of his holiday calling, and more, this book is for everyone who loves the year's most special holiday.

How Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas
By Jeff Guinn
In this sequel to the bestselling holiday classic The Autobiography of Santa Claus, the first lady of Christmas tells the story of how she and a very brave group of people once saved a treasured holiday from being lost.

Our Land Before We Die: The Proud Story of the Seminole Negro
By Jeff Guinn
In this book, Jeff Guinn traces the little-known history of the runaway slaves who fled to the Florida Everglades to live alongside the Seminole Indians. Deeply rooted in tribal oral history, and based on extensive interviews with descendants, this book describes the incredible circumstances of a people who sought shelter in the shadow of a tribe whose land and welfare already hung in the balance.

Dallas Cowboys: The Authorized Pictorial History
By Jeff Guinn
This authorized chronicle of the Dallas Cowboys provides an exhaustive look at the football team as it grew from expansion anonymity to the most recognizable name in sports. It contains more than 270 color photos, interviews and commentary from football's biggest names.

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