The Most Dangerous Man in the World by Andrew Fowler

Who is the real Julian Assange, the man behind whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks? How did he become one of the most feared and championed whistle-blowers in history? In a new unauthorized biography, award-winning Australian investigative journalist Andrew Fowler separates the man from the myth.

With interviews from members of the WikiLeaks entourage as well as Assange himself, Fowler traces Assange’s life from a turbulent childhood in Australia and his teenage-computer-hacker days, through his current personal legal battles and continued Internet publishing of sensitive documents.

The Most Dangerous Man in the World: The True Explosive True Story of Julian Assange and the Lies, Cover-ups, and Conspiracies He Exposed is at times a gripping page-turner with globetrotting narratives from Australia to Iceland as Assange and his associates hold covert meetings and plan the release of materials exposing government cover-ups and corporate corruption in the face of ominous government intelligence agencies and intimidating multinational corporations.

Tension mounts as WikiLeaks takes on increasingly powerful entities, ultimately drawing the ire of the U.S. government, as it releases the video “Collateral Murder,” showing American forces firing on dozens of unarmed Iraqi civilians and two Reuters reporters; and perpetrates the incident known as “Cablegate,” which involved the release of 250,000 US secret diplomatic cables.

Inside the WikiLeaks organization, internal tensions between Assange, Icelandic politician Birgitta Jonsdottir, and German activist Daniel Domscheit-Berg further threaten to derail the important work of the organization as Assange’s brash personality and management style begins to alienate his most intimate associates, major media partners, and the whistle-blowers themselves.

The book is extremely fresh, covering the blockade of WikiLeaks financing by major U.S. financial institutions as well as the ensuing cyber-attacks in retaliation by the Anonymous group on Paypal, Mastercard, and Amazon. Fowler also details Assange’s jailing and house arrest in the UK as he fights extradition to Sweden for questioning on charges of sexual assault.

With WikiLeaks, Assange has raised important questions on the extent of freedom of the press as well as the question of what constitutes a journalist in the age of New Media. With a mission to expose the corruption and cover-ups of the most powerful governments and corporations in the world, it’s no wonder Daniel Ellsberg, the Pentagon Papers whistle-blower, has dubbed Assange one of the most dangerous men in the world for the traditional powers that be.

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