Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic

Sometimes in our lives, we set our own limitations. We are too afraid to follow our dreams. We tell ourselves that we don’t have enough skills, talents, or physical abilities to do a certain task. These fears prevent us from utilizing the full potential that we have.

Nick Vujicic (pronounced “Voy-a-chich”) believes his life has no limits. As an internationally known motivational speaker, he has traveled around the world to 24 countries to encourage and inspire millions of people from all walks of life. He is the president of a non-profit organization, a best-selling author, and a business entrepreneur. Among his many achievements, Nick is an avid swimmer, surfer, and scuba diver.

On the surface, Nick’s life might not seem that much different from other 28-year-olds whom you know or see on television, except that he lives an independent, fulfilling, and successful life – without arms or legs.

In his fascinating autobiography, Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life, Nick shares stories of his unusual life: being born limbless and growing up with physical challenges that most of us will probably never experience. Nick was born in Brisbane, Australia to his mother, Dushka Vujicic, a nurse, and her husband, Pastor Boris Vujicic. At the hospital, his parents were shocked and saddened at the sight of their newborn baby. In despair they wondered, How will he ever feed himself? How will he go to school? Who would take care of him if something happened to us?

In his book, Nick vividly describes emotional struggles, disappointments, and fears he faced as a child and an adolescent. Gradually, he overcomes these obstacles, discovers his gift for public speaking, and finds his self-worth and acceptance.

With strong Christian faith, Nick credits God as the source of his inspiration and strength. “Even if at times you feel alone, you should know that you are loved too and recognize that God created you out of love. Therefore you are never alone,” he writes. “God has used me to reach people in countless schools, churches, prisons…God took my unusual body and invested me with the ability to uplift hearts and encourage spirits.”

This book will make you look at your own life in retrospect in a way that you’ve never looked at it before. It will challenge and encourage you. Nick believes in overlooking what he lacks and instead reaching out to the world’s underprivileged. Visiting slums in Mumbai, India, and orphanages in Beijing, he witnesses firsthand the miserable conditions of people who desperately need help. “I came to see that as great as my challenges were, many people had heavier burdens than mine…I often see incredible suffering that makes me grateful for what I have and less inclined to focus on what I may lack.”

All 12 chapters of this book are full of practical advice that comes from the author’s personal experience. What stands out is Nick’s unique ability and a penchant for relating to teens. In “If You Can’t Get a Miracle, Become One,” a 16-year-old girl who watched Nick’s motivational DVD and was recovering from anorexia sent him a heartfelt letter describing how much he encouraged and changed the way she thinks about her appearance.

The book has an additional section, “Get Plugged into Philanthropy,” which provides a list of websites and information on notable nonprofit organizations. The reader can consult this part of the book in order to get started with participating in worthy causes.

A powerful book with compelling messages that are relevant to today’s culture, Life Without Limits is recommended for adults or teens who are struggling with self-esteem and finding a purpose in life. It is also an excellent book to be used in teaching young adults about people with disabilities.

About the Author

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