Chubster: A Hipster’s Guide to Losing Weight While Staying Cool by Martin Cizmar

“There’s no cool way to lose weight,” she said. Ha! Challenge accepted.

It may have started out as an attempt just to prove his girlfriend wrong, but Martin Cizmar’s strategy for getting healthy helped him lose 100lbs in only eight months and led the news editor to pen Chubster: A Hipster’s Guide to Losing Weight While Staying Cool. It was the least awful diet plan he could come up with. And it just might work for you, too.

You know who you are, sitting there on your uncomfortable-yet-sweet-looking green thrift store sofa, reading this on your iPad 3 through lensless glass frames and sipping a PBR. You haven’t been able to wear the skinny fit jeans that all your friends are wearing in a while—in fact, your regular fit jeans are starting to feel just as snug. You’re a chubster, a chubby hipster, and you’re ok with that. You’d so rather be cool than deal with protein powders, green teas, and workout gear that generally makes you look like a tool. You’re not interested in corporate weight loss schemes run by The Man or dealing with the meatheads and Barbie dolls that populate your local gym. But you’re also getting older. You just might be interested in a cool way to slim down and get a bit healthier, as long as it’s not lame or anything.

The chubster diet consists of calorie counting—yes, you’re just going to have to deal with it—and working out discretely—think urban hiking. You’ll learn some important calorie content deets about your favorite foods and drinks along the way, while becoming an expert at scouring the food court scene for the most healthy options. Little-known secret: some Lean Cuisine meals are awesome and some are awful. Chubster breaks it down and gives it to you straight. Even when it comes to fast food, there are still some decent options for the chubster dieter along with a sizeable category of “Dear God, No” options. Does the chubster dieter have to give up beer? Thankfully no, but there are some preferable choices calorie-wise here, too.

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Hipster kitteh needs coffee first

Exercising: there’s a lot of options for being “moderately active” beyond going to the gym and, like Cizmar, you may rediscover how sweet the great outdoors can be. You’ll start with baby steps like taking the stairs and walking or biking on your fixie. Then have fun with it—join an ironic hipster bowling league. Or go crazy and read the section about how to get started with running. Chubster covers both old school and decidedly unconventional workout options.

Lastly, Chubster tackles some less obvious but still important aspects of getting in shape, like how to deal with stupid or rude comments about your weight-loss gracefully, and how to maintain once you reach your goals. It all reads a bit like having conversations with that buddy who keeps you grounded. Cizmar gives it to you straight, but also delivers inspiring and funny with just the right amount of snark. This book isn’t for everyone, but if you live in Silverlake or Williamsburg and are thinking about losing some weight, might wanna check it out.


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