Howard Miller Company

Post Date: Mon, March 11, 2019

This Grandfather Floor Clock, produced by Howard Miller, features a white, porcelain-like dial framed by a hinged top door with a composition of mahogany veneers in a sunburst pattern. The dial includes black Roman numbers with black hour, minute, and second hands. Text on the clock on the upper center of the clock face features the manufacturer, HOWARD MILLER. Additional text on the left of the clock face includes Silent, Night Off, Strike. Text featured on the right of the clock face includes Whitt. St. Mich. Western Silent.

Post Date: Wed, March 6, 2019

This Howard Miller Presidential Collection Grandfather Clock is a free standing wooden floor clock. The clock has Windsor Cherry finish with crotch mahogany on the pediment and multi tier base. The white dial is accented with a polished brass bezel and Roman numerals. The case of the clock exhibits sculpted side columns with carved column caps, curved glass on the locking front door, and beveled glass on sides and front. The clock features an ornate golden pendulum bob and chimes. The right of the clock face contains the following text: WHITE ST. MICH WESTM. SILENT.

Post Date: Mon, March 4, 2019

This elegant grandfather clock contains a large round clock face and oval body atop a base with scroll and leaf ornament and bun feet. The clock has a beautiful Windsor cherry wood finish with hues of antique gold throughout the carved details. The clock face features dual-tone, metallic and gold hands with Arabic numerals beneath a convex glass crystal. A leaf-tip pattern surrounds the clock face as well as the lower glass door, framing the hanging composition of weights and large, round pendulum.

Post Date: Mon, March 4, 2019

This grandfather clock stands at approximately six and a half feet high. The design is sleek with black varnish and clear glass windows that reveal brushed metal mechanical elements of the weights and pendulum. The face of the clock is white and adorned with silver Arabic numerals and black accents.