Albert Ruger

Post Date: Sat, June 22, 2019

This map features a growing section of Wyandotte County in Kansas in 1869. Above the crux of the Kaw and Missouri Rivers lies the beginnings of a grid development across the land beyond. Amongst the dwellings, significant buildings are numbered and referred to in the ornate legend at the bottom of the map. Listed from 1-10 are the Court House, Public School, Dunnings Hall, Asylum for the Blind, U.R.R. W. Depot, Cemetary, and then the Congregational, Catholic, Episcopal, German and South Methodist, and North Methodist Episcopal churches.

Post Date: Wed, September 9, 2020

This panoramic bird's eye view map of Kansas City offers a multi-faceted interpretation of the area depicted. The vantage point characterizes the cartographic style popular for in the 19th century which abandoned scale to depict major developments and expansion possibilities. This map hybridizes a 3D topographical depiction of the area with 2D gridline streets.