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Carney, Michael, film director.
Guyot, Paul.
Zahler, S. Craig, 1973- film director, screenwriter, composer (expression)
McKee, Lucky, film director.
Landesman, Peter, 1965-
Chbosky, Stephen, screenwriter, director.
Heslov, Grant, 1963- film producer, screenwriter.
Robinson, Angela, 1971- film director, screenwriter.
Fison, Peter, television director, television producer.
Curtis, Simon, 1960-
Hall, Jason, 1972-
Fox, Jennifer, 1959- film producer.
Di Bonaventura, Lorenzo, film producer.
George, Matthew, 1966- film producer.
Linklater, Richard, 1960- film director.
Spierig, Peter.
Spring, James.
Todd, Suzanne, film producer.
Forster, Marc, 1969- film director, screenwriter, film producer.
White, Mike, 1970-
Cruise, Tom, 1962-
Raée, Will, film director.
Hughes, Patrick, 1978-
Williams, Mark (Producer), film producer, film director.
Ponsoldt, James.
Espinosa, Daniel, 1977-
Ford, Tom, 1961- film director.
Lundgren, Dolph, 1959-
Anders, Sean, 1969- film director.
Hooper, Tom, 1972- film director, film producer.
Broca, Philippe de, 1933-2004, film director, screenwriter.
Pong, Chun-ho, 1969- film director, screenwriter.
Romero, George A.
Cusack, John, 1966-
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