Saturday, June 30, 2018

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Saturday, January 5, 2019
2:00 pm
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Super Cinema Film Series
Here’s to you, Clark Kent.

Superman’s mild-mannered alter ego celebrates his birthday on June 18, when, as Action Comics tells it, he was adopted by his earthly parents, the Kents. The Library celebrates the Man of Steel – and all of his ilk – this month with five of the best, most celebrated superhero stories to reach the big screen.

Stanley H. Durwood Film Vault
Central Library, 14 W. 10th St.
June 2 Wonder Woman (2017; PG-13)
June 9 The Dark Knight (2008; PG-13)
June 16 Superman (1978; PG)
June 23 Marvel's The Avengers (2012; PG-13)
June 30 Black Panther (2018; PG-13)
Film Rating: 
PG-13 — Parents Strongly Cautioned